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Premium Woocommerce Google Feed manager 2.41.0 Nulled

woocommerce google feed manager premium wordpress plugin

If you are a WooCommerce store owner looking to harness the power of Google Shopping, then the Premium WooCommerce Google Feed Manager Nulled is the tool you need! This easy-to-use, highly effective plugin ensures that your products shine on Google Shopping. Let’s dive into what this powerful tool offers and why it’s an essential addition to your e-commerce strategy.

What is WooCommerce Google Feed Manager?

WooCommerce Google Feed Manager is a feature-packed plugin tailored to bridge the gap between your WooCommerce store and Google Shopping. With the basic version of this plugin, you can effortlessly add up to 100 products from your WooCommerce store to a product feed that meets Google Shopping requirements. Moreover, it’s ready to use just after installation, as it connects all the required and recommended fields of the feed with the WordPress database.

But, why stop there when you can have more?

Features of Premium WooCommerce Google Feed Manager

The WooCommerce Google Feed Manager is the ultimate tool for serious WooCommerce store owners who want complete control over their Google Shopping Feed. Here’s why:

Unlimited Products

You are not limited to 100 products. Add as many as you like and ensure your entire inventory is showcased on Google Shopping.

Customization Galore

Tailor the content of each field in your feed to make your products stand out. Customize product titles, descriptions, and even change Google categories based on the title names. This means you can have different titles on Google Shopping compared to your store, allowing for more strategic marketing.

Multi-Channel Sales

The Premium WooCommerce Google Feed Manager is not just for Google Shopping. Increase your sales by showcasing your products on a plethora of channels including price comparison websites, product aggregators, affiliate networks, and more.

Pre-Installed Templates

Don’t worry about setting up different feeds for different channels. The plugin comes with popular and essential feed templates pre-installed such as Bing, Pricegrabber, Amazon, Nextag, Beslist,,, Connexity, and many more.

Professional Options

With the Premium version, you get access to advanced and professional options that help you to tweak and optimize your feeds for maximum revenue.


In the highly competitive e-commerce space, the Premium WooCommerce Google Feed Manager Free Download is a game-changer. Not only does it ease the process of integrating your WooCommerce store with Google Shopping, but it also paves the way for showcasing your products across multiple channels, thus amplifying your reach.

Whether you have a small inventory or a sprawling product range, the customizability, ease of use, and multi-channel support make This plugin an indispensable asset for serious WooCommerce store owners looking to take their sales to the next level. It’s time to put your products on the global stage and watch your revenue soar. Get the Premium WooCommerce Google Feed Manager and gain an edge over your competitors!

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