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WASender (v3.09 (NULLED) Whatsapp server & bulk sender (SAAS) AMCoders Free Download


WASender -Whatsapp server & bulk sender (SAAS) AMCoders Free Download a dynamic WhatsApp marketing platform that has revolutionized the way companies interact with their customers. Built on the robust frameworks of Laravel and Node Js, it offers a seamless integration of WhatsApp’s expansive user base of over 2 billion people into a business’s marketing strategy.

Features That Set WASender Apart

WASender -Whatsapp server & bulk sender (SAAS) AMCoders Nulled stands out for its multi-dimensional features that cater to diverse business needs. Its customers can seamlessly create multiple devices, enabling them to tailor their marketing efforts according to specific audience groups. Moreover, the QR-based device login ensures quick and secure access.

One of the standout features is the chatbot or autoreply option. With this, businesses can ensure that their clients receive instant responses, enhancing customer service efficiency. The platform also boasts an array of messaging options – from sending individual messages to broadcasting messages with templates, location-sharing, and even interactive buttons and lists for iOS and web users.

The contact book and template saving modules are a boon for businesses that require repetitive messaging, making their communication efforts smoother. Additionally, with the scheduling feature, companies can set messages to be sent at optimal times, ensuring higher visibility and engagement.

Admin & Site Features: An Edge Over Competitors

WASender Free Download isn’t just a tool; it’s a complete solution. The admin dashboard is intuitive and user-friendly, with a design that’s both modern and functional. Businesses can benefit from the in-built blog feature, facilitating content marketing efforts. The platform also includes role-based multi-admin capabilities, allowing for streamlined management.

Ensuring a global reach, WASender has integrated over 10 automatic payment gateways, catering to a worldwide clientele. The site is also 100% responsive, guaranteeing a seamless experience across devices. With built-in XSS protection, businesses can be assured of their data’s safety.

WASender Nulled with its plethora of features, offers a holistic solution for businesses aiming to leverage the immense potential of WhatsApp. Whether it’s interactive messaging, chatbots, or efficient admin modules, this platform is a game-changer in the realm of WhatsApp marketing. Embracing WASender means embracing a future of enhanced customer engagement and superior marketing strategies.

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